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Bethel Area Arts & Music 

is a creative group of local volunteers and artists motivated by a shared vision.  Each member adds to the collective drive to inspire "a community where artists flourish, diverse art forms are widely accessible, and all community members experience the value of the arts close to home." This devoted group of volunteers comprises the BAAM Task Force and has been working to fulfill these goals since 2017. 


Our mission is to cultivate an arts-inspired community in the
greater Bethel area by providing abundant opportunities
and programming for engagement with visual, performing,
literature, graphic, and other forms of art. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Bethel Area Arts & Music recognizes the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). While this statement is not an end-all statement and will constantly evolve as we as an organization learn, this is a starting point for us to form actions that will encourage DEI and make an

impact in Western Maine.


Bethel Area Arts & Music believes in the transformative power of the

arts to enrich lives and revitalize communities. BAAM is committed

to the value of every person regardless of age, ability, education, ethnicity, race, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality, geographic

origin, and socioeconomic status. Bethel Area Arts & Music thrives

on a creativity that is naturally born of a diversity of thought,

background, experience, and perspective. 


BAAM will demonstrate this core value in the ways we aim to serve our community by: 

  • Contributing to the culture of Western Maine by providing arts programming that respects and values individual experiences and heritages.

  • Demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity by ensuring that all voices have an opportunity to be heard and by providing a safe, open environment to share ideas.

  • Understanding that the foundation of a vibrant arts organization is the cross-pollination of ideas from a diverse team and the presentation of content that reflects the diversity of our community.

  • Developing opportunities that encourage community participation, youth engagement, and promotes both individual and collective creativity. 


Our commitment to upholding these principles and strengths is interwoven within our mission to bring arts and culture to Western Maine.


BAAM envisions a community where artists flourish, diverse
art forms are widely accessible, and all community members are able to experience the value of the arts close to home. 


BAAM is supported
by the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.


Our small group of dedicated volunteers that develop and implement BAAM's activities.



Kate Webb, Program Director, supports the
Task Force by facilitating all of BAAM's
projects and activities. 


Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce Logo
The Gem Theater Logo


Provided a 3 year capacity building grant from 2019-2022
Providing a 3 year capacity building grant from 2023-2025
Provides funding for our Youth Arts Program
Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.
Supported in part by a grant from the Onion Foundation.
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